What Are The Main Different Types Of Vaping Devices?

February 13, 2020

In recent years, vaping has hit the mainstream like never before. With over 40 million new vapers in the last decade, there is no argument that vaping is constantly gaining the attention of a lot of people. However, there is a common challenge that both experienced and newbie vapers face now and then — and that is knowing which kind of device that will provide the best vaping experience for them.

When you consider the varieties of vaping devices in the market, you will understand why vapers around the world are constantly in a state of confusion.

We will not attempt to cover all the vaping devices that are out there. However, we will look at the main types of vaping devices.

Why Vapers Love to Change Vaping Devices

Just like any gadget, sticking with one vaping device becomes boring eventually. Every type of vaping device is manufactured to allow the user to customize their vaping experience to some level. Every vaping device is made up of different hardware to allow for unique vaping experiences. This implies that there will always be a limit to the vaping experience users can get from a single device. Hence, the need to change devices after a period of time.

Changing vaping devices allows vapers to explore the various vaping experiences that are out there. This is why the most experienced vapers explore different vaping devices. If you are looking for the perfect device that will enhance your vaping experience, you can try this out.

Common Types of Vaping Devices

The reason why vaping devices are common is that a lot of people derive satisfaction from using them. Here are the main types of vaping device that will give you a thrilling vaping experience:

  • E-CIG: This is definitely one of the most common vaping devices in the newbie’s world. It is quite easy to use and if you are getting into the vaping world in an attempt to quit smoking, this is a very good point to start from. E-Cig is the common name given to vaping devices that look like a traditional cigarette. They can either be free of nicotine or have nicotine in them. If you are looking for easy operation, this is definitely the device to go for. They are often produced in two types; the single-piece and the dual-piece E-cig packs. The first is often disposable while the latter comes with cartridges that are replaceable. These are portable and relatively affordable.
  • Vaping Pen: This is what you should go for if you are looking for something that generates a better experience than E-cigs. They are often larger than the typical E-cig and they are refillable. You can replace the cartridges or coils and they have better battery life than E-cigs.
  • Pod Vaping Device: This is what you should turn to if you are looking for something modern or contemporary. They are often manufactured in a dual-piece design. The first piece is usually refillable while the second is replaceable. You can activate these devices by drawing a knob or by pushing a button. If you desire stealth vaping, you should definitely try out these devices.

Choosing the right type of vaping device for you depends on your individual preferences. However, you can never go wrong with the types of vaping device listed above.