What do High Rollers do in Online Casinos?

December 17, 2019

Originally, the high roller was the term used to describe poker players who play big or the ones who only play in special tournaments for the high-stakes players. These were mostly skilled poker players. However, the shift to online gambling has inevitably changed the meaning of the term. Nowadays, in online casinos, high rollers are just plain casino players with high balances. So, what makes these players so significant?

The importance of high rollers

Well, simply put, high rollers bring a lot of income to casinos because they are big spenders. These players even ask their casino to open additional increases in rates in blackjack, online roulette, or other games. They are not strategically oriented nor do they have some goals. They are merely interested in playing big hands. High rollers are rich individuals who want to spend their money gambling at the highest rates.

Highest rates equal top winnings

High rollers have amazing wins. If an average player bets ten dollars on slot machines, the high rollers set it to the maximum. Depending on the casino and the type of the slot machine, the maximum bet ranges from four hundred dollars to more than a thousand in just one rotation. So, if the average player bets 10 dollars and wins all five wild symbols, the player would gain a lot of money. But imagine what a high roller with a one thousand dollar bet would win?

The online casino provides the high rollers with a wide range of services that one can receive from an online portal. In land-based casinos, these players are brought in exclusive cars. They are fed, dressed, and get a penthouse for free. Casinos treat these players like kings because of their high stakes.  

VIP Clients

In movies, a stranger walks in a casino, puts a lot of money on the table and the croupier always ask for permission from the casino administrator if he can accept the bet because it is a new player that nobody knows. Well, in online casino with roulette games, it is the same. Online casinos host special poker tournaments for high rollers and one must be known to enter.