What Self Care Looks Like on Holidays

January 31, 2019

Everyone wants something different out of their holiday. Some want adventure. Some want relaxation. Some want to feel invigorated. Some want to feel rested. No matter what you want from your time away, everyone wants the same thing when they get home – to come back feeling good. Really good. It’s important to incorporate self care into your holiday to make sure you do. So, what does self care look like on holidays?


It’s about a healthy body

When you’re on holidays it is easy to let go of your normal routine. You’re likely to treat yourself to your ‘sometimes’ foods a little more often than just sometimes and perhaps drink a few more wines than you normally do. It’s all part of being on holidays and enjoying yourself, but it can leave you feeling a little sluggish. Listen to your body, stay hydrated, and continue to nourish yourself with the goodies that keep you feeling energised and protected from ill health.

You can use all that energy to keep active during your trip, which is also good for both your body and your mind. You’ll spend a lot of time out walking and racking up your steps, so if that is not part of your normal routine, make sure you are physically prepared before you head off. Listen to your body, pace yourself, and allow time to rest if your body needs it.


It’s about a healthy mind

Often travel is about distancing yourself from the pressures of every day life, so it is important to give yourself a break from those pressures and not carry them through to your holiday. Don’t set your expectations so high for the ‘perfect’ holiday that they crash if things don’t go to plan. If something unexpected happens on your trip, then embrace it and go with the flow – you may be pleasantly surprised by where it takes you.

Sometimes this is much easier said than done, so if you find the stress of planning a holiday all too much and the thought of being responsible for all the details overwhelming, then perhaps consider taking a guided tour to take the pressure off. Tour operators arrange the itinerary and the logistics! Keeping a travel journal can also be a good way to reflect positively on your journey, on the amazing experiences and the unexpected ones, noting the things you are grateful for along the way.


It’s about healthy connections

Connections are as important on holidays as they are at home, it is just about fostering and maintaining those that have a positive influence and limiting those that can be negative. If you feel homesick then make sure you have a way to keep in touch with your loved ones back home. If you are worried about travelling alone, joining a group tour as a solo traveller can be a great way to get that sense of connection in an unfamiliar place. Along with fellow travellers, interacting with the locals adds authenticity to your experience and gives you a true sense of connection with the places you are visiting.

Healthy connections can also be about disconnecting, about switching off from the every day distractions so that you can be present and get the most out of your holiday. Turn off your email alerts and give yourself some space from social media. Focus on appreciating the moment rather than capturing it at the right angle, the memory will be enough.

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