What To Consider When Travelling With A Heart Condition

November 08, 2018

Many people all over the world have heart conditions that they need to deal with every day. Having a heart condition can be very distressing but you shouldn’t let it take over your life. People who suffer from heart conditions should still be able to travel if they can take the necessary precautions. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to travel with a heart condition. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The Destination

The first thing that you need to consider when travelling is the destination that you are going. When it comes to cold or warm weather, you need to think about how this can affect your heart condition and any issues that you might have. Of course, you can still go to these places, but you should make sure to wrap up warm in colder climates and dress more comfortably when facing warmer conditions. According to the British Heart Foundation, anyone with a heart condition should have an indoor temperature of at least 18 degrees. As such, the conditions of the accommodation should be considered when planning a trip.



Regardless of your medical history, you need to make sure that you have travel insurance for any trip that you go on. This is especially true for those with heart conditions who might be more at risk of needing to get medical help when abroad. Hospital bills can be very expensive abroad so if you don’t have insurance then you will need to pay this cost and it can majorly affect your holiday. You’ll easily find travel insurance that can cover heart conditions so make sure to do some research and get the best cover for your condition.

Travelling By Air

The great news is that you should be able to travel by air even if you have an underlying heart condition as long as you have been approved by a doctor. Some airlines may require a ‘fit to fly’ certificate for those who are suffering from a very severe heart condition or have one that is unpredictable might come across some problems when flying by air, but this should be double-checked with the chosen airline. You should always make sure to contact your doctor and find out whether you are advised to travel by air or not. If you don’t consider this then you could be putting yourself at risk so make sure to take our advice on board.

The Airport

The final thing that you need to consider when travelling with a heart condition is how you are going to get about the airport. When you are going through the security section of the airport, you might find that your pacemaker or ICD might set off the alarm. The good news is that nowadays, your pacemaker or ICD should be able to withstand any sort of interference, so you can go through without damaging it. You should also make sure that you talk to the airport staff about your heart condition to ensure that everything goes smoothly. On top of this, give yourself enough time to get about the airport so that you are not putting your heart under any sort of stress by rushing about. Plan ahead and your airport experience should be stress-free.

Final Verdict

When you are travelling with a heart condition, you should make sure that you take everything that we have discussed in this article into consideration. You should always make sure that you make the airport staff aware of your pacemaker or ICD to ensure that the security screening process can run smoothly. You should also make sure that you have the correct insurance to protect yourself should anything go wrong with your heart condition abroad.