What to Pack in Your Carry On Luggage for a Comfortable Flight

December 18, 2018

Heading off to explore somewhere new is exciting, however, the transit to get there rarely is – particularly if you are flying long haul to kick off your trip. Sitting cramped for hours on end is certainly not most people’s idea of a holiday, however, there are some things you can do to make your journey more comfortable. Packing these items in your carry on luggage as you set off to tour the world is one of them!

The right footwear

It is common for your feet to swell during long haul flights, so travelling with comfortable shoes that aren’t too tight is a must. You can also pop in some compression socks to assist with the swelling. It’s also often quite cold in the cabin, so having some warm socks to wear (particularly when you kick off your shoes) will be much cosier. Choose a slip on pair of shoes so you can slide them easily on and off during your flight for visits to the bathroom.


A change of clothes

Throw a change of clothes and underwear into the bottom of your carry on bag just in case you get lucky enough to have a shower en route, or unlucky enough to have your main checked bag delayed. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of your transit ready for a nice shower, but then having to put on the same clothes you have been wearing for the last 30 hours. It’s no fun for you, or your travel companions! Add in a scarf as well to wrap around you should you feel cold during your flight, or when you arrive.

Snacks and a water bottle

It can be a long time between meals on a flight, so carrying some snacks with you to have in between not only offsets your hunger but also quells some boredom! If you suffer in-flight motion sickness, having something on hand to eat when you feel up to it might help you get through the flight more comfortably. Carrying a reusable water bottle is also important to stay hydrated, and you can refill it along the way to avoid buying plastic bottles of water in the airport (and on your trip).

An amenity kit

Carry an amenity kit to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable during your trip. Pack a travel size deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, as well as some hand sanitiser and face wipes to freshen up. You’ll often find the cabin quite dry, so add a small moisturiser, a saline nasal spray, eye drops and lip balm to your pack to combat that feeling.


A pair of headphones

Most airlines will hand out a pair of headphones for you to use in-flight, however, they are not always the most comfortable fit. Pack a pair of your own that you know will be comfortable and that you will then be able to use in the airports while in transit as well as on the plane. If you already own a pair, noise cancelling headphones can work wonders during a flight.

The practical stuff

Have a charger (and adapter if necessary) on hand during your trip so you can keep your devices charged on route and have a full battery when you arrive in destination. While unlikely, it is possible your main suitcase may be delayed in transit, so making sure you’re equipped with a means of communication on arrival is important. A pen is also a small but very practical addition to your cabin bag – you’ll need to fill out customs forms so it’s helpful to have one on hand.

A book or e-book reader

Even with the smoothest connections, you’ll find yourself with time to kill in airports as well as on the plane. The time will pass more quickly if you have a book that you’re engrossed in and just can’t put down. In your busy life you may not get the chance to just kick back and read a book, so this is the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a new storyline.

A neck pillow & eye mask

Even armed with a good book and an array of movies to choose from, sometimes you just want a good sleep! Most neck pillows can tie or clip onto your cabin bag, so they won’t take up space that you’ve saved for your warm socks and snacks. An eye mask will block out the light, but if you’ve forgotten one, then you can wrap your multi-purpose scarf around your eyes to help you sleep. The best part? You will wake up to an incredible holiday at the end of it all!


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