Where to Build a Super Villain Lair

September 08, 2015

So you wanna be a super villain? Okay then, you’re going to need some serious cash to get started. Around £500,000 minimum, and you might need another £38 billion if you want the ability to destroy earth. But first, before you build your super villain lair, you need to find a good location for it. Personally, I would prefer to build my lair on an island for a number of reasons. First, the isolation will provide privacy. Secondly, you could even look to create your own country, with your own rules, because let’s face it super villains don’t answer to anyone. Now if you’re hunting for an island to call your very own – and who isn’t – here are some suggestions to get you started.

Macuata Island, located near Fiji in the South Pacific.
This island is a cool $2,850,000 which is pretty reasonable considering your lair costs. One feature I like about this island is that it has a hill in the centre of the island, which would make for a wonderful viewing platform. On a few edges of the island are beautiful white sands, where you can relax if you need a break from your evil planning. With 100 Acres of land, it’s more than enough to house all of your lair.

St george
Little St. George’s Caye, located in Belize, Central America.
Now, I’m a fan of sandy beaches, so this little gem of an island appeals to me for obvious reasons. The bright teal sea would be the perfect contrast to all the evil things you’ll be doing in your lair. This island is quite bite sized, at only around 5 acres, but it does offer a great location in Central America. At $1,600,000 it’s a steal, but is it big enough for your lair plans?

White Island
White Island, 17 miles northeast of Grenada, The Caribbean. 
This is a beautiful island that is smothered in beaches. It’s a decent size at 10 Acres and I like the isolation it affords, allowing you to do evil super villain things in private. At $5 million, it’s a reasonable price and well worth the stunning views.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.21.04 am
World Island Project, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Love luxury? Why not build your lair in the World Island Project, one of the most famous man-made development projects in the world. You’ll be close to an extremely fascinating city, all while having a private base to plan your evil activities. You can have this 11 acre island for a cool $16,000,000. Located only 4 km from Jumeirah.

For more information on planning your super villain lair, check out this helpful infographic from Buddy Loans: