Why an Increasing Number of Aussies are Heading to Botox Clinics in Bangkok

May 28, 2019


Bangkok, Thailand is famous in the world for a number of reasons, mainly tourism and entertainment opportunities for tourists and travelers. No wonder it is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. In the recent past, Bangkok came into the limelight because of another reason, i.e. the success of the Botox clinics in Bangkok, which provide excellent Botox procedures to local and international patients at the best rates.

Aussies and Kiwis have been paying exorbitant amounts of money on cosmetic treatments to look younger and more attractive through Botox injections. These fillers remove signs of aging from your face. However, you may not know that you can get the same quality of treatment at comparatively lower prices while on vacation. Perhaps, you want to jump at the idea.

Here are some of the reasons why an increasing number of Aussies are heading to Botox clinics in Bangkok:

The Price

One of the major reasons why Aussies and Kiwis head to Bangkok is that Botox injections in Bangkok cost significantly less than in Australia and New Zealand. To make a fair comparison, let us look at the price of Botox injections, per 20 units, in the three countries:

  • Australia: AUD 400
  • New Zealand: NZD 423
  • Bangkok: AUD 352 / NZD 372

As you can see, there is a small difference in the prices between the Botox injections in Bangkok and those you find back home. Since you are on vacation and have some money to spend, you w ill not feel bad at all spending them on your self-grooming, a priority which often gets overlooked when people are busy with their lives.

So, if you are already vacationing in Bangkok, there is no time like the present to beautify your face to look great.


The Quality

Many people who consider getting Botox injections are skeptical about the quality of the treatment provided at Botox clinics in Bangkok. You might be envisioning a small clinic with poor air conditioning and bad lighting, with a shabby old clinician. However, one thing that you would find after research is that Bangkok is home to some of the finest clinics in the world.

Not only are their clinics modern and beautiful, but the surgeons there received their degrees from some of the best institutions in the world. Moreover, they have years of experience in their arsenal to care for the thousands of tourists who decide to get Botox treatments when in Bangkok. So, you do not have to worry about anything, and your decision to get your Botox injections while in Bangkok is a good one.

Peace of Mind

Now that you have an idea about the major reasons why Aussies and Kiwis head to clinics in Bangkok for Botox, you can also consider this fact. You might consider getting Botox injections many times, but might back out, either due to the skepticism that it might hurt or be harmful.

Since you are on vacation and are there to have some fun, why not enjoy some savings on Botos as well? The thought of looking younger while posing for travel pictures to show to your friends should help you make up your mind. The cost of getting Botox will not hurt so much since you are on vacation and feel relaxed. After all, feeling younger is something a vacation is supposed to help you do right?

Now you know why Aussies flock to Botox clinics in Bangkok. The only catch is you need to use a reliable medical tourism portal that screens each clinic before listing them.