Why Choose a Luxury Hair Salon

July 02, 2020

Hair can make such a big difference to how you look and your overall confidence. We all know how much better we feel when we’ve had a fresh colour, cut, and our stylist has given us a beautiful blowout. You walk out the door feeling like your hair has been swapped with a Victoria Secret’s models luscious locks. Hair care is one of those things I always spend as much as I can afford on, because I find it is hands down the biggest factor in how good I feel. If you’re on the fence about spending a lot on your hair, these are the reasons I choose to invest in mine by going to a luxury hair salon.

1. Healthier Hair
I prefer my hair a medium length, definitely past my shoulders. In the past when I’ve tried to cut corners by going to a cheaper salon, the coloring they used on my hair was harsher and the next time I went to a salon I had to have a lot of my length cut off. By choosing a luxury salon that uses high end products, I know that my hair is going to be as healthy as can be, allowing me to keep it long and with plenty of volume.

2. A Style That Suits You
Luxury hair dressers are properly trained in the art of cutting and styling hair, they know how to properly frame your face, and what cuts are going to draw attention to your best features. At a luxury salon, you enjoy a more personalised service that’s not rushed, allowing the hair stylist proper time to learn about your wants, and to ensure you walk out the door with a cut and colour that you love.

3. Better Service
If your life is hectic, visiting a salon can be a respite from the daily grind and you may prefer to be pampered. Luxury salons tend to go that extra mile in terms of service, ensuring the appointment feels like a special escape. At my salon I’m given a drink of my choosing, new magazines to browse through, and my favorite part – a nice long massage. A luxury salon is going to feel a lot more like a mini spa retreat, which is something I really enjoy booking into my calendar.

4. It May Save You Money in the Long Run
I feel like hair cuts and colors are one of those things that if you try to save money on them, in the end it often costs you more. Once when I was traveling throughout South East Asia I decided to spontaneously get bangs in a small, local hair salon. It was a complete disaster, the hair dresser had absolutely no experience with my hair type and kept cutting the bangs shorter and shorter until they were almost at my hair line and completely crooked. It cost me numerous hair dresser visits, as well as months and months of my life in order to get the bangs I actually wanted. Throughout the correction process I was dealing with hair that didn’t make me feel my best! I’ve had the same problem with box dyes, too, and now I’ve learned it’s just better to invest in a quality stylist who can make me look my best.