Why Private Jet Hire is a Smart Business Move

February 20, 2018

Tell a random person that you regularly take private jets for business and they will probably assume that you have highly distinguished tastes. It is widely known and accepted that travel via hired jet reflects both success and style. In other words, it is not an option that most people consider as a regular travel option for leisure reasons. At the same time, businesses are frequently in search of new and more efficient ways to get their employees from one destination to the next. Companies involved in finance, real estate, government, and construction among others might have contacts in other nations that require regular face-to-face meetings.

Whether you choose to utilize commercial flights as a means of business travel or hire private jets, there are pluses and minuses to investigate. Consider the fact that enrolment in a Private Jet Membership Program may be more economically reasonable than buying airline tickets on an as-needed basis. Here are the reasons that having your staff travel via private jet can be the smartest way to make travel arrangements.


Getting to the Bottom Line

If you need to fly somewhere in order to hash out a business deal, is it reasonable to assume that the stakes are huge? Minor business deals can be made over the phone or even email, but when you are handling contracts that are worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, you need to cover every single base. On the other hand, even smaller business deals require both parties to sometimes travel. The fact of the matter is that if you are finding yourself arranging for flights out of town often, you are investing quite a bit into airline tickets, baggage handling fees, cabs, and hotels. So, look into how much it costs to rent a private jet by the hour. Then see how much you would have to spend to become eligible for a Private Jet Card. Commercial airline carriers calculate flight ticket prices based on volume, peak period rates, fuel, and staff wages. When you charter a private jet, you have to cover more of those costs directly, but you get many other advantages that can actually make flying privately more practical and affordable.

Saving on Taxes

Businesses are taxed at various rates, both via the state and the federal government. The good news is that the majority of businesses are eligible for write-offs and shelters that can reduce your yearly earnings on paper. The less that a company makes on paper, the lower the projected tax rate. If you provide a certified public accountant with your private jet rental receipts and have an explanation for each of the charges, you will pay less in taxes overall. Look at it this way – the government will see your travel expenses as an investment in the future of your company. Your accountant can help explain that you needed to rent private jets for your staff so that you were able to close some major deals. In turn, expenses related to travel and accommodations will be written off in a way that best benefits your company. So, by renting private jets, you get to sign up for a Jet Card Program to save even more money, and then have a large portion of your expenses for the year converted into a tax shelter.

The Cost of Doing Business

Real estate investors need to have capital, property, and manpower to build their portfolios. Privately held banks have to prove that their profits are growing to satisfy investors. Transportation firms need to grow their fleets and hire new drivers so that they can take on more routes and expand. There is a cost associated with doing business a major scale.

When you have a Private Jet Card Membership, you are making a commitment to push your company to the top. Private jet companies extend memberships to customers who pledge a certain amount of business. For example, you have to spend a certain amount or flying a minimum number of miles before a Jet Card Membership Program can become active. This means that you can’t just sample the goods, so to speak, and charter a private jet once or twice and expect to receive remarkable discounts on future flights. At first, it might be costlier, on average, to use private jets to take your employees to and from various points in the world, but if you calculate the total cost of doing business, things will look better and brighter.

Average International Flight Costs

So, you have reason to send dozens of your employees to a far-off travel destination, on or around the same date. Even looking at the least expensive options, you are looking at spending tens of thousands of dollars on roundtrip tickets. What happens if you learn at the last moment that several of your employees can’t get on board the flight that you just purchased tickets for. First, you have to try to find another airline with similar arrival times. Then you have to secure the tickets and then coordinate their pickup. You won’t have the opportunity to think about out of pocket expenses as your focus will be on making things happen. Things don’t always work as planned when coordinating international flights.

With a Private Jet Card Membership, you can guarantee that everyone will be able to fly internationally. There’s no such thing as overbooking, as you will know how many people can get on board the private jet you have chartered. After a manifesto is made, you get to check the list and confirm that all of your workers are listed. At first glance, commercial airline ticket costs can seem reasonable, especially if you are just traveling by yourself every once in a while. If your company is sending many workers around the world on a regular basis, a Jet Card Membership is just more practical.

What is the Value of Your Business?

Do you see your company as one that will be handed down to an heir that you groom for years before retirement? Is your company one that is already listed on the stock exchange, or do you have dreams of one day getting there? If you believe that your business has intrinsic value, then investing in private jets is something that you cannot afford to ignore. You want your employees to be ready to really sell your company, so you can’t have them flying in cramped quarters on economy flights that make multiple layovers. You also can’t afford to take any kind of shortcut that will accidentally sully your company name.

Send your top performers to business meetings abroad on private jets that will make them feel relaxed and well valued. To do this, you need to be a part of a Private Jet Card Program associated with a company that has various airplanes to choose from.

Tell your clients that you will meet them the same time so that business matters can be settled in person. Make sure that your company is the one that makes it obvious that you will go the extra mile and not wait until the next affordable red-eye economy class tickets become available. Consider the cost of doing business and making your company the best that it can be.