Why you need to go to Florida

June 23, 2017

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you guys yet, but I may be moving to the United States next year. While this is an incredible opportunity, the visa regulations mean that I can’t spend too much time outside of the states once I move there.

That means…lots of domestic travel! And one of my favourite places in the United States is Florida, where I can be my cheesy self and do allllll of the tourist activities.

One of my favourite things is to go to SeaWorld Orlando (make sure you get your tickets online before you go) and I also love to visit the theme parks. My favourite is Universal Studios, since I’m a huge fan of rollercoasters and I also geek out over Harry Potter World.

I also find that the whole state of Florida feels a bit like a theme park to me. It definitely caters to tourists, and you could never get bored when visiting Florida, that’s for sure!


I really love the diversity of Miami, and enjoy heading to the clubs there. There are plenty of promoters in the area who will give you entrance to the VIP areas in some of the major clubs, so you can get that VIP feeling without actually paying for the experience.

I also love the shopping in Florida, since there are many different outlet malls. You’ll need to take an empty bag for sure, but it’s well worth it since you can grab some incredible bargains.

When I last went to Florida, we drove down to Key West, and had a whole day of fun in the sun. There are so many water activities here, and we went paragliding as well, which was awesome! And if you’re looking for an incredible sunset, Key West is the place to go- head to the beach and you’ll get to watch the sun disappear into the horizon. Key West is the southernmost place in the continental United States, which means amazing views. There’s also a great market here, and plenty of places to buy handicrafts, ice cream, and more.

Of course, the main reason I visit Florida is for the theme parks. I’ve also been to Disney World, but since I only went to Magic Kingdom, I’d love to go back and see some of the other parks. And of course, I plan to return to Universal Studios as soon as I can.

For me, I feel like Florida sums up so much of what appeals to me about the United States. It’s larger than life, a little cheesy, fun, and full of people from a variety of backgrounds. Many people visit LA and then say that they’ve been to the United States, but if you really want to see more of what the states has to offer, you need to go to Florida.