Why you should buy a motorbike this year

January 19, 2017

Have you always wanted to zoom down the highway or meander along a country road with the wind through your hair? Maybe you’ve dreamed of driving a Harley Davidson or Ducati, and your longing for a motorbike is a secret that you’ve never shared with anyone.

If you’ve always wanted a motorbike, why not make 2017 the year you say yes to your dreams? Motorbikes have a bad rep for being dangerous, however with some lessons and common sense, you’ll find the freedom you gain and the many other benefits all well worth a little more risk.

Riding a motorbike is better for the environment than driving a car. Not only are you using less fuel, but because you can switch between lanes easier than a car, you can get to where you’re going quicker- meaning not only are you saving time but you’re also spending less time sitting at the lights with the engine running.


You’ll also find that there is a great sense of community among motorbike owners. There are many different clubs, groups, Facebook pages, and online communities devoted to those who love riding motorbikes, so if you’ve been wanting to meet some new, like-minded people who are passionate about your hobby, you’ll be sure to find them.

Motorbikes will also save you money in the long run, as you can often find many parts online, including Kawasaki motorcycle parts, EBC brakes, and motorcycle tires. Once you’re experienced at riding and repairing your bike, you may find that you’re fixing it yourself, while in the meantime you can at least buy the parts cheaper online compared to having a mechanic order them for you.

Another great reason to buy a motorbike is the many mental benefits. First of all, if this is something you’ve been wanting for a long time, setting a saving goal and then achieving it is a great way to gain some confidence with your finances. You’ll also enjoy lower running costs, which can help you meet more savings goals in the future, and you may even find yourself selling your car.


Then there are the mental and emotional benefits that come with going after what you want and enjoying it. In the weekends you can go on long road trips with your new friends and explore the country while opening up your bike on the main roads.

Women, in particular are benefiting from buying motorbikes, with females of all ages learning to ride. This is leading to greater happiness, better relationships, and more self-confidence as they realize that they no longer need to sit on the back of the bike, and can instead sit up the front.

If you’ve been considering buying a motorbike, but you’re not quite sure if it’s right for you, why not hire a scooter for a few days to ease you into it? From there, you can look at hiring a bike and eventually buying one for yourself so you can join this club of people who love the open road.