Why you should take your next holiday in Thailand

March 21, 2017

If you’re desperate for some fun in the sun, but also don’t want to break the bank, you should definitely get away on a Thailand holiday. There’s a reason why Thailand continues to be one of the most popular countries in the world for tourism, and it’s perfect for both solo and group travel.

One of the best parts about traveling in Thailand is that it’s possible to have an amazing holiday regardless of your budget- you can pay $5 a night for a bed in a hostel or $400 a night for an ultra-lush hotel.

Thailand is a diverse country, and each town and city is different. If you feel like talking and learning from some monks, checking out the night markets and feeding rescued elephants, Chiang Mai is the place to go. Love big cities with lots to do and plenty of clubbing and shopping? You’ll want to head to Bangkok. Desperate to swim with whales sharks or planning to get PADI certified? You should head down to the islands- particularly Koh Lanta or Koh Tao.


Sure, you may have tasted good Thai food at home, but until you’ve eaten street food in Thailand, you haven’t had real Thai food. The best part about it, is not only will you be eating some of the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten, but it will likely be made with the freshest ingredients and cheaper than a cup of coffee.

The northern part of Thailand tends to have spicier food, particularly near the border of Thailand and Myanmar, while Bangkok is excellent for tom yum and pad Thai. One of the great things about the prices? You can order a few different things at a time so you can pick your favourites.

If you’re planning to travel solo, or it’s your first time overseas (or your first time in Asia), you may feel a little overwhelmed about traveling to a country where the language and culture are so different. But one of the great things about Thailand is it’s built for tourists, and it’s easy to travel there- with many people in the tourist industry speaking English. It’s also super easy to get around, with buses and trains, and you can even grab a night bus or a night train and wake up in a new destination.

Thai people are also known for their friendliness, and will usually help you when you’re lost- especially if you’ve made an effort to learn a few basic Thai words. Even when you can’t speak the same language, you’ll find that the Thais are excellent at communicating via smile and will put up with your poor attempts at the Thai language.

Thailand is also a beautiful country, with sandy beaches, lush jungle, and more. Those who like to get outdoors will find plenty of ways to get active, including hiking, swimming, trying Muay Thai, and more.