Why you should Travel in Indonesia

July 26, 2016

When most people think of Indonesia, they immediately think of Bali, and while there’s no doubt that Bali is an incredible place to travel (or live for that matter), there’s also much more to see and do in Indonesia.

Indonesia has more than 17,000 different islands, and is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries n the world. Many are unaware that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with more 225 million people calling it their home. If you like variety when you travel, you can’t go wrong in Indonesia, with so many different types of food, art, sights, plants, customs, animals, people and cultures.

Throughout the country, you’ll find a diverse and dramatic landscape, with white-sand beaches, incredible diving, volcanos, and forests. In fact it’s located in the “Pacific Rim of Fire”, and you’ll find some incredible sunsets, especially from the top of Mouth Penanjakan who overlooks Mt Bromo Volcano.


Many people are unaware that you’ll find 20% of the coral reefs in the world here, meaning some o the best snorkelling and scuba diving- whether you’re a beginner or expert. For those who like to get a little more adventurous, Indonesia has plenty of shipwrecks located off its shores as well.

If you like beach life, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the many different beaches throughout the country (remember those 17,000 islands?) You can go parasailing, kayaking, ride a banana boat or just lie on the beach and sunbathe.

The wildlife is also a huge draw for people around the world. Visit the island of Borneo, which is actually three different countries- Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, and you’ll be able to see wild orangutans in the rainforests. The country is also home to Komodo Dragons, and if you visit the Komodo National Park, you can see the largest lizards in the world and the closest things you ever see to dinosaurs. These dragons are fierce, so be sure to take a guide or park ranger with you to make sure you don’t end up as their lunch.


Indonesia is also the perfect place to relax, with spas throughout the country. Whether you’re happy with a $6 massage in Kuta, or you prefer something a little more luxurious in your hotel or an actual spa, you’ll also find that they’re much cheaper in Indonesia than basically anywhere else in the world.

If you’re looking for a good place to stay that won’t cost too much money but is also comfortable and clean, Indonesia is the place to go. You can live a five-star lifestyle here on a three-star budget, so head to traveloka.com to find a great deal on accommodation like hotel tugu malang.


It must be said that one of the best parts about visiting Indonesia is the people. Indonesians are warm, welcoming, and friendly, and love to share their history, wildlife, culture and food with visitors.

Have you ever been to Indonesia? Where did you go? Let me know about your experience in the comments below.