Wondering if you need a career change? Read this post

January 18, 2018

Did you reach the end of 2017 only to realise that you didn’t accomplish any of your career goals? Have you been contemplating a move to a new job for years, but haven’t yet done anything about it? Maybe 2018 should be the year you take control of your life and future.

Instead of complaining about your current job, it may be time to prepare to change your career path. Sometimes we fall out high school and realize that we’re not in jobs we don’t want. College is usually the next step, along with the inevitable accumulation of student loan debt. Even then though, a lot of us end up grinding away at a lackluster 9-to-5. Maybe your job simply isn’t creative, you’ve become utterly bored, or you simply feel like you’ve probably reached your potential with a certain company.

If you’re unfulfilled, life is too short to spend another year repeating the same lessons over and over. If you’re thinking of moving into the legal industry, you may want to use a legal recruitment agency. If you’ve always wanted to be a chef, go to culinary school or try find a job using Day webster. Deciding weather you need a career change your career path is a massive decision to make. A good way to start researching about other careers would be to contact recruitment agencies. Athona recruitment is a medical recruitment agency that are one of the best.  Whatever it is that you need to do, 2018 is the year you can make it happen.

Here are some ways you can prepare for a job or career change this year:


Update your resume

The first step is to take a good look at your resume. Does it match your goals and is it tailored to the industry or career you’d like to target? You can use this time to add your recent experience and current skills to the most recent version of your resume. Add 4-9 bullet points when listing your accomplishments and duties, and remember to use strong action verbs when writing your descriptions.

Check social media

Now that you’ve updated your resume, it’s time to clean up your social media profiles. You may find that you haven’t even checked your LinkedIn since you started working at your current job, so now’s the time to go over it. Add your current role to the section asking for experience, along with the accomplishments and duties you added to your resume.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to a few trusted superiors or colleagues from past jobs to see if they’ll write a LinkedIn recommendation for your profile. Check that your profile picture is professional and not blurry. You’ll also need to check that your social media profiles are all private. Get rid of any pictures or posts that could be controversial or put you in a bad light.

Research Opportunities

Ask yourself what you’re looking for. Are you only willing to interview for positions that are well known, or would you potentially be willing to take a job at a company that you may not know a lot about?

Think about your goals and preferences. Make a list of the companies you want to work for, and begin looking at their job boards. Get the word out and see if any friends or acquaintances work at these companies. Now you can begin applying for any jobs you find along the way.