Your Furry Buddy’s Day Out: How to Prepare Your Dog for their First Time Going to the Beach

August 16, 2019


Going to the beach is a fun and unforgettable experience, so it only stands to reason that you might want to let your dog have that same amazing experience! A beach trip provides plenty of opportunities for you and your dog to splash around, play in the sand, and generally have a great time together.

If this is your first time bringing your dog to the beach and you’re wondering where to go, you should consider bringing your dog for a road trip to the Oregon Coast. There are plenty of pet-friendly beaches along the coast where you and your canine companion can enjoy a day out. However, here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure that the experience is enjoyable and safe for everyone.

1.      Always Check the Rules First

While most beaches along the Oregon Coast are pet-friendly, you still need to check whether a beach has certain rules regarding canine companions. Some beaches allow dogs to be kept off-leash, provided that the owner keeps close watch and that the dog has basic training and a good temperament. Other beaches, however, will require that dogs be kept on leashes at all times.

2.      Make Sure your Dog is Up to Date

Since you will be exposing your dog to a lot of other people and other pets, you should make sure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and anti-pest treatments. It’s really easy for your dog to pick up an errant tick or flea from other dogs with less responsible owners, and you don’t want to bring home anything from the beach other than happy memories and a bit of sand!

Many beaches actually require owners to present a copy of their dog’s vet records, but since you’re going to play in the water and sand, you can just get yours photocopied to ensure that the original stays safe at home. If you are not able to present a copy of your dog’s updated vet records, beach officials might not allow your dog on the beach premises to protect other beachgoers and their dogs.


3.      Check if Your Dog Actually Likes the Beach

If it’s your dog’s first time going to the beach, you might not even be sure if your dog likes it! Some dogs will immediately take to the sand and surf even if they’ve never seen these things before, while others can take their time getting used to their new surroundings. In some cases, there are dogs that don’t like beaches at all!

4.      Bring All the Essentials (and Emergency Stuff Too)

Whenever you go out with your dog, you probably have a ready bag of doggie essentials with you. Basic supplies will include their leash and collar, food and water containers, and plastic bags to clean up after your dog. Since you’re going to the beach, you should also take old towels to dry your dog after a session in the water. Don’t forget to bring some rubber toys as well!

It is recommended that you bring some emergency first aid supplies such as cotton balls, gauze, and an iodine solution in case anything goes wrong. Your dog might accidentally play with broken glass or sharp rocks on the beach. You just want to be ready in case something untoward happens.

5.      Keep on Eye on the Sun

With all the running and romping around, you might not notice that your dog is getting just a little bit overheated! Even in Oregon where the weather and the water are cooler than most other beaches, your dog can easily overheat if they’re playing under the sun for too long. Make sure to provide plenty of cool water and a shady area for your dog to rest. You can even give your dog pet sunscreen to protect their nose and ears, as dogs can get sunburned as easily as humans.

6.      Pick Up After Your Dog

It’s basic pet courtesy, but one that bears repeating: always clean up after your dog when they are out in public. In a place like a beach, not cleaning up after your dog can get you and your pet an automatic ban!

Where do I stay with my Pet?

            After a long day of playing at the beach, you might be too tired to drive home. Luckily for you and your dog, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels on the Oregon Coast. These hotels are close to other businesses that can cater to your pet, such as pet stores and vet clinics.  If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, there are also pet-friendly home-sharing options available as well.