Your Guide To Promise And Commitment Rings

June 29, 2022

Rings are the most symbolic piece of jewelry out there, symbolising anything from family history to abstinence to marriage. Ring symbolism can get a bit confusing, especially when it comes to all the different variations representing love.- luckily we’ve put together this handy guide to help you make sure you know your gold or silver eternity rings from your promise rings.

Types of ring

We all know what an engagement ring and a wedding ring are for without thinking about it – but what are the other types of ring available?

  1. Eternity ring

Eternity rings are also sometimes called infinity rings, and usually have quite a specific design. They’re traditionally worn by women and comprise of a metal band inlaid with precious gemstones (like diamonds or emeralds) all the way around. They are simple but beautiful, and represent the never-ending (or eternal) love between spouses. An eternity ring should be worn on the same finger as the engagement and wedding rings – the ring finger on the left hand. It’s traditionally given as a wedding anniversary gift on the first, or any subsequent, year after the knot was tied.

  1. Commitment ring

Commitment rings pretty much do what the name suggests – they are a symbol of the commitment of the giver to the receiver. There aren’t really any rules for when you can give these rings. They can be given well before an engagement ring as a show of commitment before the relationship has reached that point, or even as a symbol of commitment between partners who want to make a long term commitment but choose not to get married. They can be very simple or quite ornate – buyer’s choice!

  1. Promise ring

Like the other two types of ring on this list, the promise ring is a symbol of love and commitment in the context of a romantic relationship – but they can be used to represent a promise of anything, such as a commitment to abstinence or to a valuable friendship. When they are given in a romantic way, they’re most often meant to symbolise and intention to propose in the future when circumstances or finances allow. They’re worn on the left ring finger until the proposal occurs, and then when the engagement ring comes along they’re moved onto the opposite hand. They’re usually more understated than engagement rings, as you can see from the selection at abelini jewelry.

So there you have it – now you know the difference between the three main types of commitment ring. The only thing left to decide is where to buy them from!