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Four Zen Proverbs For Transportation Hijinks

One of the most frustrating parts of travelling is the actual travel part, the purgatory section of time when you’re heading from Point A to Point B.  Not only is there the endless hassle of tickets, luggage, and security, but…

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Airport Zen: 5 Best Free Airport Apps

When you’re going on a trip, you want to focus on your destination—not on the flights.  Make flying a little bit easier with these free, easy-to-use airport apps. TripIt You’ve got lots of emails about your upcoming trip: hotel reservations,…

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Airport Zen: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool at the Airport

Airports are notoriously stressful places.  Flight delays, long layovers, overpriced food, last-minute cancellations, lost luggage, screaming children, and rude airline staff are just some of the many stresses travelers have to deal with.  Nobody wants to start or end their…

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Airport Zen: 5 Tips for Flying with Kids

Many parents dread flying with their children, and it’s easy to understand why.  We’ve all seen the toddler racing through the crowded airport followed by his screaming mother, and the screeching baby on the plane with the smelly diaper.  But…

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Pack Up Your Practice – Why You Should Take Your Practice With You When You Travel

Going on a travel adventure doesn’t have to mean leaving your entire routine behind.  Whatever your practice may be, from yoga and meditation to running, sketching, or music, you should take whatever gives you Zen with you on your next…

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Tips for Finding Zen

  What is Zen? Zen is one of those things that will mean something slightly different to everyone – finding Zen is as much a personal experience as it is something everyone can benefit from. Zen can be described as…

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