3 Packing Tips for Chicks

April 09, 2014

It can be a bit of a nightmare trying to plan for a holiday, knowing you’re not going to be able to take the majority of your favourite things along with you. Some girls are experts at traveling light but the majority of us struggle a little bit. I’ve compiled this list of tips that might help making packing that little bit easier for you.


1) Use Ziplock Bags

If you’re not on a budget you can go all out and buy packing cubes, but I find ziplock bags are just as good but a tiny fraction of the price. The great thing about ziplock bags is that you can buy them in a variety of sizes, they’ll keep any nasty leaking products away from your clothes and electronics and because of their cheap price they are disposable. They make it a lot easier to cram more things into your backpack or suitcase, because you can squish things in. I also make it a habit to always keep any beauty products, shampoo or conditioners in ziplock bags so if they leak it doesn’t get everywhere.

2) Take Multipurpose Shoes

Shoes take up quite a lot of room in any bag or suitcase and are actually quite heavy so if you’re short on a baggage allowance you’re going to have to be smart with what kind of shoes you take. I tend to take two or three pairs of shoes, the first being a multi-purpose shoe that I can wear out to dinner or just for a day of walking, such as some cute but comfortable ballet flats. If you’re heading to the beach flipflops or sandals would be a good choice and once you’ve worn them in they’re pretty comfortable to wear all day long. On top of that if you’re planning to do a lot of walking, hiking or trekking a pair of sports shoes is a great idea.


3) Take Plain Clothes

Not all your wardrobe needs to be plain, but a plain pair of pants, jeans and a plain skirt is a great way to pack. If you take a nice black skirt, you can pair it with a few different tops to create many different outfits. The same with a nice pair of jeans or pants. Take some good, multipurpose plain clothes that you can mix and match with more colourful and more interesting pieces to create your travel wardrobe. Dresses are a great option, especially light cotton ones as they take up barely any space in your suitcase and are an outfit in one.

Packing for travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare, as long as you plan in advance. Use these three helpful tips to making packing as easy as possible.