3 Ways to Maximise Space in a Small Apartment

March 16, 2014

Not all people have the luxury of living in spacious homes. Fortunately, there are ways to go around limited spaces and they may not be as complicated as you think. If you’re having problems on how to maximise space in your small apartment, this post is just for you.


1. Utilize the tops and unders

In other words, make use of all the space you’ve got. Take a look on your apartment and pay close attention to the available space. There might be a vacant wall and you might be thinking of using this space to hang paintings and picture frames. Use this space to install a space saver shelf instead. And you don’t have to sacrifice art for the sake of convenience. It’s all about the arrangement and the color. That shelf need not be boring. Organize the contents on your shelf well and make sure to leave some space for your paintings and pictures.

There might be small spaces left still – like the top of your kitchen cabinets, space under the bed and even the top of your fridge. All these can be made functional.

2. Use baskets and boxes

Now, using every space available would mean seeing clutter here and there all over your apartment. The top of your fridge would look like a jumbled mix of boxes and the space under bed would be such a mess that you keep it tidy by concealing it with your covers.

Keeping your apartment free from that cluttered look is very simple. Just buy the right space saver item to store your clutter with. These may be coloured wicker baskets and boxes. Not only do you get to organize your stuff, you get to splash some colour and decorate, too.

Space saver items include hooks, hangers and magnets. Choose the ones that are playful and decorative. You can use them to hang your bags and coats, and other stuff that won’t fit in your cabinets. You can also install a magnetic knife holder to save some space on the kitchen counter.


3. Make your rooms multifunctional

Your bedroom may not be huge enough to spare space for a dresser. Well, you can make your bathroom your dresser. Just make sure that you have installed the right kind of shelves that can store your make up and toiletries. That is just one example though. You can get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest boards, the Homeclick YouTube channel, and even a quick Google search. You would be amazed at what people are doing these days!

Don’t also worry about having to find space for a guest room. You just have to find a sofa bed that’s cozy enough to serve as your living room’s couch that can be converted into a comfortable bed for your guest.

That corner in your dining room can also be your office and your bedroom can be extended as a living room. You just have to find the right kind of furniture and you can separate spaces with curtains and false walls.