Road Trip To Paradise: The Cabot Trail

August 03, 2018

Tourism in Nova Scotia is up at its highest levels in over a decade, with 2.2 million people visiting this small province in Canada. One of the gems of this beautiful island attracting so many people is the majestic and scenic Cabot Trail, home to just about everything you would possibly want to witness on a trip. While there are many common misconceptions in terms of money and time needed to travel, a road trip to the Cabot Trail can be completed in as little as three days and can be inexpensive when planned correctly. With all of the highlights along the way, you will have memories to last a lifetime.

Make a list of the top hotspots to visit

During the three to five days of this trip, there is a lot to get in and see. However, keep in mind sometimes there are things that happen on trips beyond your control. You may meet some new people and spend time with them, cutting into your overall vacation time, or you may fall in love with a certain location and decide to stay there longer than planned. That’s why it is important to look over all of the sights of the Cabot Trail in advance, so you can make a list of the ‘musts’ for your trip. Some popular things to do and see include whale and puffin watching, boat tours, festivals, kayaking, visiting Alexander Graham Bell’s house, hiking to the Uisge Ban Waterfall, and soaking up the sun at Ingonish Beach.


Get the important stuff out of the way

For so many people, travel is often mistakenly associated with stress. Before you head off on this journey of a lifetime, you can make sure it is as stress-free as possible by planning ahead. Decide on how many nights you would like to stay and look for good deals on hotels, hostels or AirBnB to book in advance. If you are not taking your own car, make sure to decide on what kind you need (depending on how many people) and choose a spacious car or truck and book or buy it as soon as possible.

Cut costs by bringing snacks and meals

You now have your spacious car or truck, and on top of all the clothing and accessories you plan to bring, make sure to include space for water, food, and snacks. While you may stop along the way to some of the renowned seafood restaurants along the Cabot Trail, you can easily cut a lot of unnecessary expenses on this trip by packing healthy and filling snacks. Some examples are homemade granola bars, trail mixes, dried fruit, and peanut butter and crackers. You can enjoy the sights while snacking and staying fueled for another day.

Planning a road trip to Cabot Trail can really be the experience of a lifetime when planned out properly. Make a list of the top things you want to do and see, book your accommodation and vehicle in advance and cut significant costs by preparing and bringing along some filling and nutritious snacks. That way, you can enjoy just about everything this beautiful trail in Canada has to offer, stress-free.