Top Tips to Get You Ready for Your spring or Summer Holiday

March 25, 2019


Now that the weather is starting to warm up a little, we know that a lot of you will be thinking about booking a holiday. When the sun comes out, people’s thoughts naturally turn to spending time on the beach or being able to enjoy other outdoor activities. When that happens, they tend to book a couple of weeks off work and starting getting themselves ready to go somewhere nice. So, now is a good time for us to share some tips to make sure you are ready for your holiday.

Get yourself into shape

If you have put on some weight or are not as fit as you were, now, is a good time to eat better and step up your exercise a little. Going swimming is a particularly good option. Every muscle in your body gets a gentle workout with this form of exercise.


Right now, you can buy some great looking swimwear from retailers like Fashion World. With the warm weather just around the corner, most online and offline fashion stores have already got their SS19 range, in stock. Provided you choose wisely, you will be able to pack what you buy for your actual holiday.

Putting a little effort now will help you to look your best in your holiday photos and enable you to enjoy more activities while you are away. Plus, studies show that diets and exercise regimes are more successful if you do them with a goal in mind. Wanting to look good for your holidays will motivate you to stick with your new fitness regime.

Plan your itinerary

Once you know where you are travelling to, take the time to do a bit of research about the area. This will help you to see enjoy more of what there is to do and see.

Book a few things in advance

Once you have a good understanding of what is available, consider pre-booking a few attraction tickets. Booking in advance will help you to avoid having to queue and may save you money because you will get a big discount. As you can see here, lots of the biggest attractions in the world, especially in Europe, allow you to book in advance.

Put together a shopping and packing list

Shopping and packing early is the key to being able to arrive at your resort happy and relaxed. Rushing around at the last minute is a sure-fire way to forget something important and raise your blood pressure. The more you do in advance the more relaxed you will be when you arrive at your destination.

So, download a packing checklist, edit it and print off two copies. Then use one to identify what you need to buy and one for actually packing your cases. Tick off the items you already own off of the first copy. Now you can shop gradually for the remaining items on that list. Buying your holiday clothes and accessories gradually spreads the cost and gives you the chance to pick up a bargain or two. Nearer your travel date, you can use the 2nd checklist to pack your cases. If you slide the case under your bed, as you buy items you pack them immediately and tick them off the list.

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