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Working Visa

How to Get an Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you’re planning a move to Australia and happen to be under 30 years old, the working holiday visa is probably the best bet for you. In summary, it’s a visa that allows you to live and work in Australia…

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travel australia

Tips for Traveling Australia as a Family

Australia is an amazing place to discover and re-discover all over again. For some it is a place of adventure, a lesson of making the most of what you get and for others it is a place of relaxation and…

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Top Places to Visit in Australia on a Road Trip

Australia is one of the best places in the world to do a road trip, due to the high quality roads and diverse country. While there’s not much to see in the centre of the country, that’s mostly desert, you’ll…

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Three Packing Tips For Men

Packing for your holiday is part of the experience; the endless debating on what should be coming along and what should be left at home. Holidays can be fun and cost-efficient if you’ll opt for exclusive offers that are provided…

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4 Meaningful Things to do in Krabi, Thailand

There are so many different reasons travellers find themselves in Thailand; for some it is for the world-famous beach parties of Koh Phangan, for others it is to indulge in an abundance of Thai food and massages, and for others,…

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The joy and variety of Europe

We are lucky that we have such a huge and cultural land-mass right on our doorstep. Of course, I’m talking about Europe. For those who want culture, you’re sorted. Want shopping? Done. Great beaches? No problem. History? Plenty. Great weather?…

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Dalaman – The Perfect Holiday Destination?

What would make a perfect holiday destination for you? Pristine beaches, perhaps a fully equipped and challenging golf course, or maybe even an outdoor water park. Dalaman offers all of that and more, mixing the unique Turkish culture with a…

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HA0478 - Journey Planning. Lifestyle Images Portraying The Three Main Elements Of A Journey: Planning The Route, Travelling And Reaching Destination.

3 Packing Tips for Chicks

It can be a bit of a nightmare trying to plan for a holiday, knowing you’re not going to be able to take the majority of your favourite things along with you. Some girls are experts at traveling light but…

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Make it Meaningful – Tips for Meaningful Travel

Any traveller knows the difference between seeing a city and really experiencing it.  There’s a magical thing that happens sometimes when travel goes behind site seeing into something meaningful you’ll carry for the rest of your life.  The tips below…

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Awe and Wonder at Angkor

The stunning temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park near Siem Reap, Cambodia are grander than anything you can imagine.  Unfolding over around 400 sq. km, this famous temple complex includes the temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom amongst multitudes…

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