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What to Pack in Your Carry On Luggage for a Comfortable Flight

Heading off to explore somewhere new is exciting, however, the transit to get there rarely is – particularly if you are flying long haul to kick off your trip. Sitting cramped for hours on end is certainly not most people’s…

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The best things to pack for long-term travel

Are you planning to travel long-term? Maybe you’ve saved up a tidy sum and you’re planning to stay on the road until your money runs out or you work remotely and you’d like to travel indefinitely? This is an incredible…

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How to Keep Your Packing to a Minimum, Even in Winter

If there’s one thing that connects travel and Buddhism, it’s minimalism. Having a light backpack will ensure you stay mobile, while also giving you an appreciation of the simple things and focusing the mind. Maybe you’ve cut your stuff back…

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4 Worthy Tips to Remember When Traveling Abroad

There are plenty of things to take into consideration when you are about to travel somewhere with your family or friends. You have to make sure that you are all prepared and everything is well-planned. Nothing beats a stress-free trip,…

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Traveling Light and Healthy With the Right Snacks

One of the easiest ways to stray from a commitment to a healthy diet is to leave home. Our kitchens are where our natural and organic ingredients are stored and where we keep our appliances that make preparation fast and…

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Top Travel Accessories to Look Good and Travel Well

Often when we’re traveling we have a tendency to overpack. After all, you want to be prepared for any situation, whether outdoors, in a fancy restaurant, or relaxing on the beach. But trying to be too prepared can leave us…

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The 6 Best Types of Shoes for Travel

If you’re planning a trip, you may be worried about what to pack. Somehow we always end up taking more than we need, and yet often forget to bring that perfect pair of shoes that would have worked so well…

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Best Beauty Tips for a Traveller

Travelling is more than just seeing places – it is an adventure of discovering new people, new cultures and new beauties of the world and it is a spiritual adventure towards discovering parts of yourself you did not know you…

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All You Need to Have a Great Trip to Asia

Asia is a vast continent boasting a huge number of different countries, geographical regions, peoples and customs. It’s long been a tourism favourite, partly due to its diversity and partly due to the ease at which travellers can access even…

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Three Packing Tips For Men

Packing for your holiday is part of the experience; the endless debating on what should be coming along and what should be left at home. Holidays can be fun and cost-efficient if you’ll opt for exclusive offers that are provided…

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