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Tips for Organizing a Zen Yoga Retreat

You’ve been a yoga instructor for a few years now and are looking for new ways to serve your students. So, you’ve decided that you’d like to kick things up a notch and host a yoga retreat. It’s a great…

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How to become a nomad yoga teacher

Do you love yoga? Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel full-time and share your skills with the world? If this is the case, life as a nomad yoga teacher may be for you. If you’d like to travel the world…

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Improve your Health with Office Yoga

If you sit down all day, you may notice that you feel stiff and sore- both at the end of the day and first thing in the morning. I’m in my late twenties, and I already feel like an old…

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Top Tips For Relaxing After a Hard Week of Work

Work isn’t always easy: there are deadlines to meet, clients to impress, colleagues to contend with and sometimes it can feel as soon as one task is completed there’s another to tackle. I often find myself hanging out for Friday…

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The path to enlightenment can be a very prosperous one

As an avid trader and blogger, I’m often asked how a staunch believer in peace and tranquillity can overcome the hustle and bustle of the market news that so many others find all too stressful. While I may not sit…

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The top must-visit Buddhist sites in India

India is the birthplace of both the Buddha, and Buddhism, the religion he founded, which dates back the 5th and the 6th century BC. Because India was where it all began, there are numerous Buddhist sites, shrines and temples that…

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Simple Stress Relief Strategies

Lately I realized that for the very first time in very long I wasn’t stressed out about anything. My husband and I haven’t had a fight, an argument or even a disagreement about anything in a while, there are no…

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The Science of Silence: 3 Effects of Meditation

The days when meditation was mainly perceived as a purely religious exercise are over. There’s been a sudden emergence of hundreds of apps that encourage aspects of meditation such as mindfulness or ‘brain training’. The growing popularity of meditation  could…

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Finding Inner Peace in Kyoto’s Most Beautiful Places

While Kyoto’s temples are spiritual respites regardless of religion, they aren’t the only place to find inner peace in this popular Japanese city.  Visit these halcyon sites to and transport yourself to simpler times with ancient architecture and bucolic landscapes….

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Finding Inner Peace in Kyoto’s Temples

A temple is a place for prayer and reflection, making it a perfect place for finding your inner peace.  The Japanese city of Kyoto is home to thousands of Buddhist and Shinto temples, and you don’t have to be religious…

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