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Top things to see and do in Miami

Miami is a top vacation destination for a reason- the weather is incredible, and there’s plenty to see and do for every age group. If you’re thinking about visiting, consider renting a car in Miami so you can make the…

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What Self Care Looks Like on Holidays

Everyone wants something different out of their holiday. Some want adventure. Some want relaxation. Some want to feel invigorated. Some want to feel rested. No matter what you want from your time away, everyone wants the same thing when they…

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How to upgrade your life in 2019

Does your life need a serious upgrade? Maybe you know you could improve it, but you’re not sure where to start? This post is for you. Here are some ways you can upgrade your life in 2019: Find your passion…

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Energizing ways to use your travel downtime wisely

There is no doubt that we all love to travel and with good reason. Whether it is lively Liverpool in the UK, the exotic Maldives or cosmopolitan Singapore, there is something about travel that makes us feel good. Travel also…

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The Best Travel-Friendly Swimwear and Shirts from CoolTan

A great swimsuit is a travel essential and something you definitely don’t want to forget to pack! You just never know when you might need a swimsuit, whether you’re heading off to a snowy getaway and plan on being in…

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Top reasons why UK travelers will choose an island destination for their next holiday

There are few holidays better than those spent enjoying the sun. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that, while I’m a city girl through and through, some of my best holidays have been spent lying on the…

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What to consider when working remotely and abroad?

Working remotely can be great, whether you do so as a freelancer for many clients, or your job allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere, the time and money you save from not having to commute can be wonderful,…

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How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life More

Sometimes, it’s completely warranted to feel worried, concerned, or anxious. For instance, waiting for test results at the doctor’s office is a scenario where it’s “okay” to be nervous. However, some people irrationally fret over issues they can’t control. These…

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Beyond the Beatles: Spending the Day in Liverpool

Visiting England is a treat. The country offers a vast diversity of settings for vacationers and businessmen alike to enjoy, from the white cliffs of Dover to the hustle and bustle of London. When planning a trip to England, though,…

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Unwind With A Trip To Bristol

In the last 5 years, Bristol has been voted the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times on three occasions. It’s one of the premiere destinations in the United Kingdom for leisure travel and a great place to…

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